Intem Triko performs production of goods and services in line with the highest internationally accepted Social Compliance Standards. Therefore, it is committed to guaranteeing its employees all the rights to which they are entitled by law and other applicable standards, conforming all occupational health and safety rules, and always acting with a view to avoiding environmental pollution.



Intem Triko is committed to creating and maintaining an ever safer, healthier and more productive place of work through;
• Identifying and minimizing the risks to health and safety in the work place,
• Continuously following and implementing the applicable national regulations regarding occupational health and safety, as well as industry, customer and business partner best practices,
• Implementing occupational health and safety measures in line with internationally accepted management system standards,
• Periodically reviewing management systems and practices in order to achieve continuous improvements,
• Training all personnel so they are fully aware of their personal responsibilities concerning occupational health and safety,
• Contributing to suppliers´ development of occupational health and safety measures and awareness.