Within the scope of its Green Factory projects, Intem Triko runs in-house Green Factory Workshops at which employees get involved and advice and suggestions are voiced. In this way, environmental issues are spread across the company as an integral part of its corporate culture. The main goal of these projects is to eliminate waste and reduce resource use, in line with the applicable regulations. Under this project, some of our main headings are:


Reducing Electricity Consumption
•    Removal of hot oil pumping system,
•    Improving electricity efficiency through implementing invertor applications on the AC fans,
•    Implementing driver systems and replacing existing water pumps with more efficient ones.
Reducing Water Consumption
•    Reusing rinsing water at reservoirs,
•    Limiting water used in fabric washing.
Reducing Natural Gas Consumption
•    Flash steam heat recovery system,
•    Heating exhaust air by fitting heat exchange systems to the drying machine shafts.

Lean Production Practices
Waste Management and Elimination