We are continuing our activities with environmental awareness and taking into account the environmental impacts. We accept "Environmental Policy" both to improve ourselves and to train our employees as environmentally conscious individuals. Some of our principles are:






• Complying all legal regulations and standards related to the environment,
• Using fuel, energy and water resources efficiently, keeping under control consumption and taking measures to reduce it,
• Considering environmental impacts and occupational safety on new investments,
• Organizing training activities to improve the environmental awareness of our employees,
• While reducing our wastes, also increase the rate of recyclable ones. Ensuring to deliver recyclable wastes to recycling companies. Disposing non-recyclable wastes according to legal regulations,
• Improving working conditions according to environment and worker health and safety.

• Natural gas saved so far: 1.970.743 m³ (52.409 m³ / Month)
• Electric power saved so far: 4.362.619 Kw (118.485 Kw / Month)
• Battery waste: 24 kg (2013)
• New tree seedlings planted: 15.000
• CO2 absorption by each tree planted: 7.32 kg
• Contaminated waste: 826 kg (2013)

As Intem Triko, we mainly plan to be a "Carbon neutral" company in 2016. In order to achieve this goal, we started to work on it before 2014. Our continuous effort is to reach the commitments we scheduled in 2015.


2015 Priorities:
• The Intem forest of 25.000 trees will be planted.
In order to reduce energy consumption, at least 50% of lightning equipment of the factory has been replaced with LED lightning in 2015.
• The rehab of main steam line isolation will be extended to the other lines.
• The 15.000 kg of regenerated yarn used in 2014 and is planned to raise 22.000 kg in 2015.
• Fully automated control of electric and water system is used.
• Periodic trainings to keep environmental awareness by our employees.